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Cliven Bundy Ranch In Nevada - INFO - LINKS - VIDEOS - Federal Government Public Land Takeover

This post is a collection of links to all kinds of media information related to the Cliven Bundy Nevada ranch stand-off with our "Federal Government" under the name of the "BLM" (Bureau of Land Management). I'm not a conspiracy believer or purveyor and therefore this post is going to contain links to what I determine to be "well-established sources". To me, "well-established" can mean one of three things: 1) I've been familiar with the source for several years and I trust them (keep in mind that I trust NO SOURCE 100%); 2) They are local, "mainstream" media sources; 3) They are "direct source" information that is either presented by the Bundy family (or their representatives) OR, live-recordings from the scene that have been uploaded to YouTube or other online audio/video hosting sites. This blog post will not be updated in real-time. I have two jobs and will update this post as time allows. Bookmark the link to this post if you want to keep up to date on the miscellaneous links I'll be posting here in relation to this story. All stories below are sorted by date. I've also included the actual LINK (with hyperlinks - you can click on or copy them) to each story so that you can easily see the source of the story or video before you click on it.

At the bottom of this post I will include various links related to this story. They may be links from sites that SUPPORT or OPPOSE the mission of Cliven Bundy or they may be opinion articles or videos that SUPPORT or OPPOSE Cliven's mission. I support Cliven Bundy. I may post links to the opposing side so that you have the opportunity to visit those sites and COMMENT IN SUPPORT of Cliven and OUR FREEDOM. I don't tolerate a__holes here (because I have that right on my site). Don't expect the opposition to do so on their sites, either (because they have that right on their sites). Please represent the side of FREEDOM with a calm and responsible mindset. Thank you.

Please post any links you would like to see considered for inclusion in this post in the DISQUS comment section at the bottom of this post.



YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN SUPPORT OF CLIVEN 'N CAROL BUNDY - Several interviews with Cliven are here.

***End of DIRECT SOURCE links***


AUGUST 31, *2012*
U.S. Senator Reid, son combine for China firm's desert plant

AUGUST 25, *2013*
Government plans to euthanize hundreds of desert tortoises after budget cuts to refuge

SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
Lone rancher is prepared to fight feds for land

APRIL 3, 2014
Range War 2014 Cliven D Bundy (Cliven 'n Carol Bundy YouTube Channel)
*****Video of the BLM and their many support vehicles/horses/food/water arriving.*****

APRIL 7, 2014
FOR CLIVEN BUNDY AND FOR THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE! (Cliven 'n Carol Bundy YouTube Channel)

APRIL 8, *2014*
BLM seizes cattle in range war with stubborn Nevada rancher

Dave Bundy, son of Clive Bundy out of Jail after arrest for defending Cattle. No Charges!

APRIL 9, 2014
Tensions increase as feds seize Nevada rancher's cattle

Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9's

Cliven Bundy - Hannity - Bundy Ranch Standoff Against The U.S. Government

Pocket Constitution in Cliven's shirt pocket during his interview with Hannity (as seen in the above video):

Standoff in the desert: Last rancher in south Nevada takes on 200 armed federal agents and snipers trying to confiscate cattle from his ancestral land in constitutional dispute over a rare TORTOISE

APRIL 10, 2014
The Western War: Last Remaining Rancher Vs The Federal Gov’t
Cliven Bundy on The Dana Show (Included in previous link)

Cliven Bundy supporters gather as BLM cattle roundup continues

Militiamen make their presence felt in protest of BLM’s livestock grab

Cliven Bundy (Town Meeting)

Rancher speaks on behalf of Cliven -snipers surround his ranch- is this STILL AMERICA?

APRIL 11, 2014
The Real Story Behind The Bundy Ranch Harassment

Militia, protestors converge on small Nevada town

BLM state director speaks out about Bundy dispute

'It's a war zone': Pregnant woman and cancer survivor assaulted by feds in battle with southern Nevada's last rancher as private militias join the fight

Senator speaks out in favor of Nevada rancher as militias join battle with federal agents accused of acting like they're in 'Tienanmen Square' in fight over disputed ranch land

BLM Won’t Say if They’ve Euthanized Cows in Ranch Standoff

Nevada Militia To Feds: ‘Control Our Borders, Not Our Ranchers’

FAA Declares Temporary Flight Restrictions

APRIL 12, 2014
THE PETE SANTILLI SHOW (I've never personally heard of this show and I can't/won't vouch for the content. I'm including this link so you can sort of get a feel for the "evening culture" at this event.)

Armed crowd mobilizes to free cattle caught in Bunkerville roundup

Nevada Cattle Rancher Wins 'Range War' With Feds

BREAKING: Armed Standoff Between BLM and Bundy Ranch Over As Feds RETREAT! – Update: Crowd Cheers!

BLM releases cattle to Bundy

BREAKING VIDEO: Ranchers And Protesters Block Highway, Seized Bundy Cattle RELEASED

Statement posted on the BLM website (emphasis mine):
Impound Operation Concluded
Statement from Director of the Bureau of Land Management Neil Kornze on the Cattle Gather in Nevada:

As we have said from the beginning of the gather to remove illegal cattle from federal land consistent with court orders, a safe and peaceful operation is our number one priority. After one week, we have made progress in enforcing two recent court orders to remove the trespass cattle from public lands that belong to all Americans.

Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.

We ask that all parties in the area remain peaceful and law-abiding as the Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service work to end the operation in an orderly manner.

Ranching has always been an important part of our nation’s heritage and continues throughout the West on public lands that belong to all Americans. This is a matter of fairness and equity, and we remain disappointed that Cliven Bundy continues to not comply with the same laws that 16,000 public lands ranchers do every year. After 20 years and multiple court orders to remove the trespass cattle, Mr. Bundy owes the American taxpayers in excess of $1 million. The BLM will continue to work to resolve the matter administratively and judicially.

So just like that, it's "over"?

Cowboys and Snipers (April 10, 2014)

Nevada Showdown Sanity (April 11, 2014)

Western Watersheds Project


This whole story just makes me sick.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Clive Bundy And His Pocket Constitution - (Nevada Rancher - Feds Removing Cattle From Public Land)

Clive Bundy is a rancher in Clark County Nevada (southernmost tip of the state) who has been fighting the federal government since approximately 1993 over the grazing rights of his cattle. The Feds (BLM - Bureau of Land Management) filed an injunction against him in 1998 (during the Clinton presidency) and now in 2014 (during the Obama presidency) they are forcibly removing his cattle with the use of helicopters as "herding devices" (my words). Some of the cows are being separated from their calves which will most likely result in the starvation of their calves. Also, the BLM has a backhoe and a dump truck on site to remove/dispose of any of the cows that have needed to be euthanized...for whatever reason. All this to protect some stupid "desert tortoise" that has survived all these years but will now somehow become extinct if these cows aren't, "removed." Aren't you loving your federal government about now? Don't forget to pay your taxes in 5 days.

Over the past few days I've read several news stories about this situation. I could provide you with 30 links about this story (none of which you'd be likely to click on - I did include several videos below). Instead, I'm going to give you the screen shot below which is from an interview that Clive Bundy did with Sean Hannity on FOX News last night.

Clive Bundy has a pocket Constitution in his pocket. I don't think this man is going to be giving in anytime soon.

(According to the "timeline" provided within this interview, no action was taken against Clive Bundy during the George W. Bush presidency.)

"Tensions increase as feds seize Nevada rancher's cattle" (April 9, 2014)

"Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9's." (April 9, 2014):

Those of you I saw in this video who were also recording this: Stay calm, everyone. Hold your cellphones horizontal (for a wide-angle shot - not "up & down" or vertical). The less you move your camera the better the video will be. If you move too much, not much will be worth viewing (or be useful) in your video. If you talk too much while you're recording, later you will probably wish you hadn't. (I learned all this from recording plenty of my own useless videos.) Necessary information is great...editorializing while you're "fired up" is not so great.

This is a great video. Great job. I wish I could stand there with all of you. I hope more citizens show up over the coming days. God knows more Feds will show up.

Will the Feds make this another Ruby Ridge?

Stay safe everyone. Keep your heads so that the people around you also remain safe.

Thank you for taking this stand. 

One final video:
"Dave Bundy, son of Clive Bundy out of Jail after arrest for defending Cattle. No Charges!"

The bruises on the left side of his face are from the BLM agent's boot smashing his face into the ground while they were arresting him. The audio in the beginning of this video is horrible, but you can get some info from it. At about 7-minutes into the video they hand him a microphone and the audio improves greatly. At 20:40 in this video there is a brief interview with Clive Bundy.

H/T: The Right Scoop

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

What Goes In...Must Come Out? (Abortion Filmed & On YouTube)

So, some poor, ignorant girl who counsels women who are seeking abortions got pregnant and decided to film her "experience" and subsequently posted the video of her receiving an abortion on YouTube.

This same poor, ignorant girl also disabled the comments on her YouTube video. Anyone who would like to leave a comment for poor, ignorant "Emily Letts" may do so in the comment section here on my blog. First, watch the poor, ignorant girl's video:

"Emily's Abortion Video"

In case she also disables embedding (as she disabled the comment section under her video on YouTube - RATINGS are still ON, however), here's the direct link to her video on YouTube: (If she removes her video from YouTube, just search on YouTube for "Emily's Abortion Video", surely someone else will or has already re-uploaded it.)

I call Emily "poor" because I pity her. I call her "ignorant" because she has no thought about her own future. It's obvious she has no thought for the life she just had sucked out of her, therefore, with young girls like her, I think it's much more productive to try to convey to them what THEY are going to feel about THEMSELVES as they age. When they decide that they are "ready for children", they're always going to regret killing their firstborn. It will be a heavy weight that they'll carry with them until their own death. A vast MAJORITY of women who have had an abortion would have told that to poor, ignorant Emily if only she had asked them.

(One note about the word "ignorant": Don't confuse "ignorant" with stupid. Ignorant is fixable. Stupid is forever.)

This entire post is one big Hat Tip to Daniel at "State of Daniel". Thank you for posting your video response to poor, ignorant Emily's video, Daniel. Without your video response to poor, ignorant Emily, I'd have never seen her video.

Below is the video response to Emily from "State of Daniel" on YouTube:

"DISGUSTING: Woman Films Her Own Abortion, Puts it Online"

Very well put, Daniel.

Any women who may be struggling with the abortion/adoption choice, here is a link that may help you: Catholic Charities (Click on the link on that page to contact your local Catholic Charities agency. Even if you don't have a local agency, they may be able to direct you to help in your own community.)

A quote from the Catholic Charities website:
"We don’t preach or pressure. We’re simply here to help. And remember, you don’t have to be Catholic! Catholic Charities serves men and women from any background, religion, ethnicity, or income level."

If anyone else wishes to leave other links for women who may be looking for help with the abortion/adoption process, PLEASE, post your links in the comments below. Thank you.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

***UPDATED*** Why? Colorado's Routt County 911 Director Spreads Political Hatred Online

*********FINAL UPDATE TO THIS POST - APRIL 10, 2014 (Date of original story: December 14th, 2013)*********
Tim McMenamin is no longer the Director of 911 Communications for Routt County Colorado. I do not know for sure if he was fired or if he was allowed to resign. I believe it was the latter. Either way, he's no longer a concern to the "teabaggers" who live in Routt County Colorado. (see pic below)

Doug Brown is the new Director of 911 Communications for Routt County. I wish him well and hope he serves ALL of the citizens of Routt County well.

I also wish Mr. McMenamin well. I hope he seeks treatment for whatever it is that ails him.

*********END OF FINAL UPDATE*********

***This post has been UPDATED three four times (so far). All UPDATES are posted at the bottom of this post.***

***I have received a reply from the Routt County Sheriff's Office. UPDATE #4 below contains this reply.***

Freedom of speech is a fantastic thing. Proper usage of free speech can be beneficial. Improper usage can be dangerous, hurtful, or possibly even deadly...(possibly) depending on your political affiliation...and (possibly) depending on whom you may have to rely on for emergency care.

The $110,000/year (including benefits) 911 Communications Director for Routt County in Colorado, Tim McMenamin, has a problem. See for yourself in the pictures below how he conducts himself in his public posts on facebook. If I were someone who identifies as a "Republican" or, as Mr. McMenamin puts it, as a "teabagger", who lives in Routt County, Colorado, I wouldn't feel very safe having this guy or someone like him in charge of dispatching emergency responders to my house.

Below you will find screen shots of and links to a few of Routt County, CO 911 Communications Director Tim McMenamin's public posts on facebook. All of the posts below are public posts. Everyone in the world can view them on Facebook. I've just put them all in one convenient place where they can all be viewed at once.

Tim McMenamin has his job listed on his facebook account. Mr. McMenamin is a public County employee in Colorado. I will demonstrate for you below that Mr. McMenamin exhibits questionable behavior (putting it mildly) for any County employee. Some taxpayers in Routt County, Colorado may react negatively to paying the $110K salary (including benefits) of someone who behaves as poorly as Mr. McMenamin. SEE BELOW.

Tim McMenamin's facebook account where he publicly states his occupation:

Website for Routt County Colorado Communications (Tim McMenamin is listed as the Director):

This is the comment that first introduced me to Mr. McMenamin. I'm a member and an administrator of the Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement Facebook page.

That comment from Mr. McMenamin wasn't that bad. I've seen (and personally received) much, much worse.

Things only go downhill from here...

*****GRAPHIC LANGUAGE ALERT (for the remainder of this post)*****

It's established that Mr. McMenamin doesn't like Sarah Palin. That's fine. He doesn't have to like her. (Link to comment):

Next, we have a "two-fer"...two comments from Mr. McMenamin directed to Ken Buck who is a Republican running for the U.S. Senate in Colorado. (Link to comment #1) (Link to comment #2) (Link to Ken Buck's Facebook page) (Link to Ken Buck's website)

When lower case letters just won't do...immediately re-post your own comment in ALL CAPS.

Another "two-fer"...although, according to the date and time stamp on these next two posts, I'd speculate that Mr. McMenamin is probably at work at this time of day. Perhaps he was on his morning break when he made the following comments? Either way, it's a pathetic way for a public employee to behave. (Link to comment) (Link to Your Nation Facebook page)

Again, I don't think many taxpayers would approve of a county employee spending their time at work in this manner. (Link to comment)

The next 4 pictures show that Mr. McMenamin is back to trolling during evening hours. Note the dates and times of the following pictures. You'll probably also notice the same thing that I did: Mr. McMenamin's vocabulary isn't very extensive. He keeps using the same word over and over and over...
(Link to comment #1) (Comment #2) (Comment #3) (Comment #4) (Link to American Overlook Facebook page)

Here's Mr. McMenamin displaying more of his "tolerant" liberal love for others (note the time stamp on these posts - more comments made during work hours). (Link to comment #1) (Comment #2) (Comment #3) (Link to Right Wing News Facebook page)

The following comment from Mr. McMenamin is my favorite. He trolls around on Facebook posting comments on a variety of conservative Facebook pages and now he's asking Facebook WHY they are showing him ads for conservatives? Not very bright, this one. (Link to comment)

Some more tolerance...posted during work hours again. (Link to comment) (Link to Tea Party Leadership Fund Facebook page) I'm guessing that while an overpaid county employee is in the throws of a foaming-at-the-mouth tantrum, taxpayers would be asking too much to expect proper spelling of even the most simple of words.

Good grief. The page on which Mr. McMenamin posted this brilliant comment hasn't even made any posts of their own. (Link to comment) (Link to Citizens For Protecting Rights Facebook page)

It's ironic that Mr. McMenamin calls others "hate spewing". (Link to comment)

Not only does Mr. McMenamin use his personal Facebook account to show his hatred for others, he also uses it to recruit applicants for future Routt County Communications job openings. The email address at the end of each job posting would be his county-provided email address. Who wouldn't want to have him as their boss? (Link #1) (Link #2) (Link #3) (Link #4) (Link #5) (Link #6) (Link #7) (Link #8) (Link #9) (Link #10)

If everything above hasn't disgusted you, this will. See Mr. McMenamin's salary ($88K) and benefits total ($110K) below. From the Routt County budget found HERE (pg 147 in the pdf file)

If something has recently gone wrong in Mr. McMenamin's life (addiction/mental health issue/loss of a loved one, etc.) that is causing him to act out in the manner depicted above, then I, as a TEA Partier...not as "a teabagger", Mr. McMenamin...wish him a speedy recovery. If he's not experiencing any serious problems in life, then I hope he loses his cushy County job because of his behavior depicted above. Everyone, including Mr. McMenamin, is certainly entitled to exercise their First Amendment rights. Sometimes there are consequences to doing so.

*****UPDATE #1 - December 14, 2013 10:10AM CST*****
Mr. Tim McMenamin has removed his profile picture and his place of employment (among other information) from his Facebook account. As you can see, he has yet to de-activate his Facebook account. He's just hiding some of his personal information from being displayed on his Facebook account. As you can see in the pictures of his account (at the top of this post), he listed his employer as "911 Director at Routt County 9-1-1". He "studied at George Washington University". He "lives in Hayden, Colorado". And, he's "from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania". Good thing I took screen shots, eh? Can't remove or change those, Mr. McMenamin. Sorry.

Now all that Mr. McMenamin has listed on his Facebook account is that he "Went to Neshaminy High School". Wait...let me refresh the page...we'll see if that's still there...hang on. . . . . .Yep. It's still there. As are all the links to all the hate he's been spreading (as you can see in the pic below). This whole "public" Facebook commenting thing is HARD. (And HE called Sarah Palin a "nitwit". LMAO!!!)

What made Mr. McMenamin remove his profile picture and personal information from his Facebook account? In other words, how did Mr. McMenamin become aware of my blog post? I posted it in several "strategic locations", including underneath his original post on our Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement Facebook page. Here's a pic of that post (prior to Mr. McMenamin removing his profile pic):

*****UPDATE #2 - December 14, 2013 11:15AM CST*****
Because Mr. McMenamin is removing many of his Facebook comments that are depicted above, I'm now able to see other comments he posted that I previously missed.

(Comment link)

The bigoted Tim McMenamin has now removed his "bigoted teabaggers" comment from "Stop Amnesty's" timeline. I wonder what it feels like to an adult male to have to run all over a website and remove comments you made? I never say anything I don't believe, therefore, I stand by EVERYTHING I've said in the past. I may wish I'd said a couple things differently, but I'll never abandon the intent of a comment/video/post I've made. I wonder WHAT is rushing through the mind of Mr. McMenamin? He's certainly scurrying about trying to "fix" what he's done (to no avail). I have screen shots of much of what he's already posted on Facebook. They'll exist in perpetuity.

"YOUR PEOPLE"??? Seriously, Tim? YOUR PEOPLE? Please, oh please, Mr. Tim McMenamin, WHO EXACTLY ARE Senator Ted Cruz's people? Oh my...this isn't getting any better for you Mr. McMenamin. (Comment link)

*****UPDATE #3 - December 14, 2013 11:58AM CST*****
Since Mr. McMenamin removed his comment from our Sarah Palin's Earthquake Facebook page, I had to find another way to contact him (I'll keep his government email address, and that of his superiors, as a last resort).

*****UPDATE #4 - December 16, 2013 6:30PM CST*****
Early this morning I forwarded this blog post to 11 different people within Routt County government whose email addresses are obtainable on the Routt County government website. At around 11AM this morning, I received an email reply from Routt County Sheriff Garrett Wiggins. I'm sharing Sheriff Wiggins' reply to me after obtaining his permission to do so:
"Thank you so much for this information. You can rest assured that I have forwarded this information along with my comments to Mr. McMenamin’s supervisors who happens to be the Board of County Commissioners and County Manager Tom Sullivan. This is very disturbing and we will get to the bottom of this.

"The Routt County Communication Department is not affiliated with or supervised by the Routt County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO). The RCSO has policy and procedure that addresses this kind of ill behavior and is not tolerated."

I should also state that County Manager Tom Sullivan is one of the 11 people within Routt County government whom I emailed this morning. I wanted to note that Sheriff Wiggins is the only one from whom I have received a response.

I will continue to update this post should any further information become available to me.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Some Of The Best Military Videos On Youtube - In My Opinion...

I wanted to share some of the best military videos I've seen on YouTube. This isn't an all-inclusive list. It's just some of the best that I've watched recently.

This first video is a pretty intensive look at the daily life, attention to detail, respect, and honor of the "Old Guard" at Arlington National Cemetery. This is a glimpse into their daily regiment and it's very satisfying to me that our country still grows men of this caliber. These guys give me hope for the future of this country. This video is from 2011.

Below is the description underneath this video on YouTube:
A unique look behind the scenes of the Old Guard as they protect the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, bury heroes at Arlington National Cemetery and do other unique duties. This is one of the most professional units in the military. Watch as they go through all the preparation for a day of work and honor. Very inspiring and makes you proud they are one of our units.

A day in the Life of the Old Guard, the Army's oldest unit (51:16):

USMC Silent Drill Platoon - At Houston Texans Stadium (8:04):

From National Geographic - Arlington: Field of Honor (55:29):

Old Guard, US Army Rifle Team performs at Spirit of America (28:53):

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier-Changing of the Guard-Arlington National Cemetery (10:18):

That's enough for today.

Thank you, soldiers.

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