Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Roseanne Banned From Delivering Anti-Semitism Speech In Berkeley, CA

Roseanne Barr, who was born a Jew in Salt Lake City, UT, was scheduled to deliver a speech about anti-Semitism at "The Magnes", which is a Jewish museum in Berkeley, CA, on the night of Tuesday, February 17th.

Then she sent this tweet (which Roseanne deleted - that's why it's not embedded here like all the other tweets below):

(If you'd like to know more about why Roseanne sent the above tweet, read this article from the Sacramento Bee: Comic Roseanne Barr jumps into UC Davis fray, says she hopes campus ‘gets nuked’)

Then some hissy-fit-throwing, free-speech-denying, Jew-hating, crybaby liberals (Are there any other kind?) got offended by Roseanne's TWEET and began a petition to get her banned from being allowed to speak at the The Mangnes museum. Ultimately, they succeeded.

(The following tweets appear in the order in which Roseanne sent them - not in the typical bassackwards way in which everything appears on Twitter.)

(#BDS refers to the "Palestinian BDS National Committee" on Twitter.)

I remember another speaker whose event was cancelled due to "security" issues not too long ago: Sarah Palin Denver Speech Canceled Over 'Personal Attacks'

Haters of all stripes should ALL be happy. Yet another person with whom they disagree will not have an opportunity to speak.


I think this is funny:

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

U.S. Marines Surrounded By Presidential Failure (MY VIDEO)

I fear for the security and safety of the United States military under the command of Obama, the President of Failure. I have great faith in our military. I have zero faith in Obama.

I edited the following video. Please give it a "thumb up" on YouTube and share it anywhere you'd like. Thank you.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thank You To Glenn Beck For Posting Barbaric ISIS Video On TheBlaze (GRAPHIC)

ISIS burned a man alive. He was a Jordanian pilot who fell into the hands of ISIS after his fighter jet crashed in ISIS territory. Everyone who pays attention to the news knew that this wouldn't turn out well for him. ISIS is made up of savages. Savages who want to kill you, me, your children, your parents, your aunts & uncles, your grandchildren, your grandma & grandpa, your cousins, and your dog. ISIS has labeled all who do not think as they do as "infidels". I'm fine being an infidel. Perfectly fine with it. Because it means that I don't live in the stone age and/or practice a disgusting, radical form of a barbaric "religion" that only appears to be fit for the wretchedly insane.

ISIS has killed many. Brutally. They usually make a big show about it when they do. Does that mean we're not supposed to know about it? Because they made a video, which some people call "propaganda", we're not supposed to watch it and inform ourselves? They produce high-quality videos about their sad little story - actually, I envy them for their video-editing software - that always results in the barbaric death of some poor guy that they've been holding hostage.

Some people think that it's a bad idea to share the videos that ISIS produces because they think it helps to spread their ideology. That's a load of crap! It's an excuse used by those (like our president) who don't want to call someone a bad name...a bad name like "terrorist". I think that the ISIS videos should be easily accessible for everyone to see (and, they are available online if you spend some time looking for them). Actually, I think the ISIS videos should be required viewing for all Americans. I don't like the idea of having an even more ignorant population that we already do. INFORMATION is essential to safety. Willful ignorance doesn't help anyone, nor will it help keep you or your family alive.

I've always sought out the videos because I NEED to see them. Not because I WANT to see them. (And every time I have to go LOOKING for one of the videos it pisses me off. I shouldn't have to seek them out. They should be easily accessible!) I really can't stand watching them. They always make me feel sick to my stomach and disgusted with humanity.

This is reality. 

Yet, while I force myself to stay educated about man's inhumanity to man, others can't even stand to listen to a description of the videos? Yesterday on FOX News Shepard Smith described the latest ISIS video - a 24-minute video that results in the Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage - which is shown in the video. He burned alive for 55-seconds. Shep warned viewers that he was going to be describing the video for the "next 5 or 6 minutes" and that if they didn't want to hear it to mute the TV or "walk away" from the TV. Are you kidding me? There are Americans that can't handle a description of a brutal video? These are the people that need to see what the brutal savages on the other side of the planet want to do to them...because these savages know how to board planes and travel.

ISIS crucifies, beheads, rapes, amputates, burns people alive, throws people off the roofs of buildings, stones people to death, and does God knows what else to them. All because they don't live their lives like the barbarians that comprise ISIS. You don't live like the savages in ISIS. Therefore, ISIS will kill you too, as soon as they get the opportunity. I don't know why someone would willfully choose to remain ignorant about this.

Thank you to Glenn Beck for posting the video in it's entirety on TheBlaze. I hope it becomes a routine practice. Everyone needs to see these videos. You won't understand one word of many of them. But, you need to watch them. Go to this link to view this video for yourself: Glenn Beck: The World Needs to See the Depravity of the Islamic State (GRAPHIC)

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bad Credit + GPS Tracking = "Vicious Predator" Arrested

Whether or not you like GPS tracking by car dealerships or banks, this time it turned out well...

From NBC New York:
Less than 72 hours after being violently snatched off a Philadelphia street as she walked home from visiting her godson, Carlesha Freeland-Gaither has been rescued from the "vicious predator" police say kidnapped her.

Now as she recovers from the attack that was caught on video, the focus moves onto her alleged abductor who authorities have linked to a similar crime against a teenage girl.

"I’m taking my baby home. Thank you," Keisha Gaither, the woman's overjoyed mother, told the public at a news conference Wednesday night. Her family erupted into applause as the woman spoke.

The 22-year-old was rescued from the car of her alleged kidnapper, 37-year-old Delvin Barnes, in a Jessup, Maryland parking lot Wednesday afternoon, officials said. She suffered some injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital in Columbia, Maryland for treatment, police said. She was listed in good condition and expected to recover. The family drove to the hospital Wednesday night. Early Thursday, shortly after 1 a.m., Carlesha and her family left the hospital.

“It’s very special for all of us. You hope, you hope, you hope, but you don't really know until you're actually able to get her, and make sure she's OK. So it's very important that this has a happy ending," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said.

Agents moved in quickly after receiving a tip from the ATF Office in Richmond, Virginia that Barnes may be the suspect after seeing his picture in news reports, Philadelphia detectives said.

They began tracking his gray Ford Taurus through a GPS device placed inside the vehicle by the car dealership where it was purchased, detectives said. The GPS was installed because Barnes had poor credit, officials said.

Agents honed in on his location, in a shopping center parking lot, and moved in to strike.

"He was more surprised than anything," ATF agent Tim Jones said recounting the arrest.

Barnes and the victim were in the backseat of the car when agents arrived, but he quickly jumped into the driver's seat to try and flee, Jones said. Agents blocked his way and took him into custody.

See the video and read the full article HERE.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

I Thought We Didn't Have Soldiers On The Ground In Iraq...?

This blog post began with one tweet from a Twitter account that belongs to ISIS...or so I heard here: "ISIS Posts Photos of Dead Female Peshmerga Soldiers – Obama Attends Fundraiser".

Here is an embedded tweet that belongs to the ISIS account to which I am referencing:

Here is a screen shot of the above tweet in case it disappears from Twitter (Ha!):

If the USA doesn't have soldiers in Iraq, how would it be possible for any muslim over there (er..."in Iraq & Sham") to give them a cup of water?

Message to "ISIS"...er, "ISIL"...er, "IS"...(btw, no one here in the USA knows 1/3 of your names for yourselves...you're cool...continue as you are):
We're only bombing you from aeroplanes. Calm yer asses.
Bammy ain't comin' fer ya. He ain't doin' it now and he ain't doin' it ever.

Word to the wise: Do all yer sh*t before another Reagan is elected.

At that time, you will be ended. But, with you bein' so smart and all, you already know that. You have another 832 days to continue your genocide on the civilized, non-barbarian, non-stone age world, non-bloody-headed-beheading world. God, you losers are sloppy. I've watched and/or recorded 100's of "beheading videos" (for the record) and, man, you dips just have no clue how to go about it. May I suggest that you NOT shave the hair on the heads of those whom you choose to separate from their bodies? Just a thought. Damn, I hope it pisses you off that some dumb dyke from the midwest could chop-off a head quicker and more efficiently than you, you worthless excuse for executioners. (May allah rot in pig poo....akbar...or something like that.)

Hey, my lovers, don't go catchin' the Ebola in the meantime, eh...it'd be much better if you had a 2-year cancer that slowly eats away at your insides...with you getting sicker and sicker and weaker and weaker with every "treatment".

If the USA doesn't elect another Reagan in 2016, whom you KNOW will END you, you will deserve to take over the world.

The bitch that is "political correctness" shall die along with you...if that whore doesn't kill the USA first.
(Although, this whore is evil, she's not quite as devastatingly evil and ruthlessly bloodthirsty as you. I wish a quick death for this bitch. May she rot in hell, right underneath a steaming pool of your wretched, disemboweled carcasses.)


Can I claim "poetic license" and call all of the above a "haiku"?

Aw, poo. I suppose not. Meh...


I sleep with a gun.

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