Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed & Civilization Jihad - Eliminating Western Civilization

A po' witto "tortured" 14-year old Muslim "boy" Ahmed Mohamed "made a clock", (or did he just take the guts out of a 1980's clock and put it in his "pencil case"), took it to school, and got arrested for making a HOAX BOMB. (For you leftists/useful idiots: If the police thought it was a REAL BOMB they WOULD have called the bomb squad. They didn't. They thought it was a "hoax bomb", which is a crime to create.)

If you want more information about this story than what I provided in the links above, please look it up.

This post is intended as a "quick hit" on what a LOAD of BS po' witto Ahmed's story truly is - and my take on it.

Ahmed's dad, Mohamed AlHassan Mohamed, is a Muslim activist. He's been trying to make a name for himself for years in attempting to make Americans look bad by highlighting the "abuse of Muslims" (which is virtually non-existent) in America. While I'm sure his brethren have been impressed with his efforts, none of his efforts have really caught the eye of the capitulating and complicit mass media...until now.

Now I'm going to propose exactly what I believe happened here between Ahmed and his dad (Mohamed AlHassan Mohamed) - how this whole story came about - from the planning stage to the execution of the plan. What follows is the conversation between father and son as I imagine that it happened:
Dad: We are going to advance the standing of our religion in America by telling a bunch of lies that will make some Americans appear "Islamophobic" and create great amounts of sympathy for all Muslims among the useful idiots in America.
Ahmed: Really, dad? Why would we do that?
Dad: Because, son, we want Islam to dominate America and we are going to help it happen. All of the useful idiots in America will believe our story. They will all help us further the destruction of their very own country. But, because they are apologists, they'll have no idea the hand they'll be playing in bringing about their own demise.
Ahmed: How are we going to do it?
Dad: You are going to take the guts (wires and all) out of a real clock, put it into a small case, take it to school, show it to as many teachers as you need to until one of them complains about it and you'll be arrested.
Ahmed: Why would I be arrested for doing that?
Dad: Because the guts of a clock placed into a small case will have the appearance of an IED (improvised explosive device) or a suitcase know, like the bombs you see in the movies. You're really not very smart, are you?
Ahmed: The whole world will think I'm smart if we can pull THIS off.
Dad: Ha ha. Right son. Maybe even the president will notice the "torture" you are about to be subjected to at the hands of the school officials and hopefully even the local police?
Ahmed: We should be so lucky.
Dad: Luck will have nothing to do with it. Ignorance of the American sheep who we will lead to their own slaughter will be the key to the success of our plan.
Ahmed: What do I tell my teachers if they ask why I "made" this "clock"?
Dad: Tell them you were excited about having created it and you wanted to show it off to them.
Ahmed: What if they call the police?
Dad: Oh, I promise you, they'll call the's going to look exactly like a suitcase bomb. When the police are called and question you, be evasive...don't tell them of our plan or you'll ruin it. While you're not answering the questions of the police, they will become even more suspicious of you. Do not let this scare you. Maintain your belief that Islam will dominate America and you are playing a critical role in making that happen. Stay "passive aggressive" with the police and tell them no truths. When they are finished with you and I can speak with you I'll alert the media to this grave injustice committed against a "brilliant, young, Muslim boy". They'll eat it up. For they are just as eager to destroy America from within as we are. They'll play along. I promise.

Or something like that anyway.

And, that is what is known as "civilization jihad".

Brigitte Gabriel will read aloud the following to you in the 1st video below...
"Understanding the role of the muslim brother in North America: The process of settlement is a civilization jihadist process with all the word means. The [brothers] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging it's miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah's religion is made victorious over all other religions."
Brigitte Gabriel is reading from the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood plan for the destruction of the United States- starting at 1:30 in the video:

Here's Brigitte's full speech:

I am happy to report that Ahmed's "scholarship fund" (like a "GoFundMe" page) isn't doing so's only got $15,016 of its $100,000 far. *UPDATE* A few minutes after I published this blog post, I saw a Facebook post showing that there is ALSO a real "GoFundMe" account for Ahmed...this one has $7,850 in far. *End of update*

Stay stupid, Americans.
Keep accusing, blaming, and name-calling everyone who is trying to warn you of your future.
There's absolutely nothing going on here.
There's nothing to see here.
Keep sheepin'.
“Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: Europe Wants the Muslim Refugees as Labor; We Shall Conquer Their Countries,” MEMRI, September 11, 2015.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Glenn Beck - "People From CIA Working With Us To Vet Refugees" (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck has been working for months to try to get persecuted Christians out of Syria and Iraq effectively saving their lives from the ISIS scumbags that wish to see them dead.

His Mercury One charity's "Nazarene Fund" is working toward that exact goal.

When Glenn announced the Nazarene Fund a couple of weeks ago, he hoped to raise $1 million. When that goal was reached the following day, he raised the goal to $2 million. Now, more than 2 weeks later, there is nearly $6 million in the fund with a new goal of $10 million.

It takes $25K to extricate a family of 5 from Syria or Iraq in a legal, stable manner into countries that are willing to accept these vetted refugees.

From Glenn (as can be heard in the 1st video below):
We have people from the CIA, currently on the ground, that are working for us. We are vetting the people, making sure they ARE the Christians that are going to be killed. Making sure that they are not ISIS members or anything else...but (that they are) Christians that are being hunted and killed. (We are) vetting them, finding churches that will adopt a family of us sponsor them.

My team is going the next few weeks...over to Iraq to get our first few families. We're bringing them to Hungary, because the United States, at this point, think of this, the Statue of Liberty - "bring me your tempest tossed" - we REJECT the Christians. We have uprooted entire Somali Muslim communities and transplanted them to Minnesota but we will not take Christians in the United States of America. So, our 1st group, because they have to get out RIGHT NOW, we're taking them to Hungary.

If you wish to donate to the Nazarene Fund, go HERE.

Glenn Beck - "CIA Is Working With Us To Vet Refugees From Syria & Iraq" #NazareneFund

Glenn Beck - "There's A Genocide Going On"

Glenn Beck - The Crossing Church - Tampa, FL (8:45 AM) 9-13-15 (Full speech)

To hear Glenn's 10:30 AM speech to The Crossing Church, go HERE.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pit Bull OWNERS Should Be Banned - Bronx Woman Sics Her 2 Pit Bulls On Man (VIDEO)

Scroll down for an update to this story.

Here's something that most people fail to recognize about Pit Bulls: The biggest problem with Pit Bulls is the ASSHOLES that own them. Everyone wants to "blame the breed" or "blame the dog" but, the dog generally isn't the problem. MOST (not all) PIT OWNERS are male, under 30-years old and "cock-sure pricks" who think a "tough" DOG validates their own existence on earth. These are people who have a mental problem. Pure and simple. They should never own any breed of dog...large or small. Ever.

The rest of the Pit Bull owners can be lumped into a category of people who think that they can "save the breed" by owning them, letting their children crawl on them (and upload videos of such activities), thereby "proving" (in their minds) that Pits are "good dogs". These people also have a mental problem and probably should also be banned from owning any breed of dog...ever.

Pit Bulls are dogs. Period. They are dogs that come with a "reputation" for being aggressive. This reputation is SOLELY due to the number of assholes that have owned this breed over the years...those who fight them, and those who bring them into their homes to "prove" that they're good dogs. BOTH mentalities disaffect the relationship between dog and dog owner. The dog doesn't know that it's a "badass" until the owner affirms it for the dog. And, if you think your dog doesn't understand your "approach" to the dog, no matter what breed it is, you shouldn't own a dog. HOW YOU TREAT any dog is key to it's own mental stability.

When Pit Bull owners are banned, then and only then, will the stigma on the breed improve. Impossible to do, right? Right.

(I draw my conclusions from having WORKED WITH DOGS for the past 20 years. WORKING WITH DOGS and merely "owning dogs" are TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT experiences. The two experiences are not relatable in any way.)

From Gateway Pundit: Bronx Woman Arrested After She Sics Her Two Pit Bulls on Defenseless Man (VIDEO)

From the NY Daily News: Woman sics pit bulls on defenseless man

"Woman Orders her Pit Bulls to Attack Man"

"TV Priest Father Jonathan Morris Saves NY Man from Pit Bull Attack"

"Woman Allegedly Sics Pitbulls on Man Outside Father Jonathan's Church"

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Applause & Prayers For Police Officers In Norfolk, NE (VIDEO) - #ThankACop

(All opinions stated in this blog post are mine. My opinions do not reflect the opinion of anyone else who chose to participate in the following action. I speak solely for myself; I do not speak for this movement in part or as a whole.)

Tuesday night about 100-200 residents of Norfolk, NE (population: 24K) showed-up, on short-notice, to show their appreciation to the Norfolk Police Division. Citizens of Norfolk gathered at the back of the PD to literally "applaud" some of our local officers and to let them know that they are appreciated by many in our community. After the applause, Norfolk Police Chief Bill Mizner gave a brief speech to the event attendees. Following that, the organizer of this event, Wendy Holmes, offered a short prayer for our officers and for their safety.

I was present to record video of the event (as well as to support our police). My video from the event can be seen in the included YouTube video below. Eric McKay, a local reporter for a new, local TV news station "News Channel Nebraska" (NCN 35 - a new, free, local, over-the-air, digital channel) conducted two interviews, one with event organizer Wendy Holmes, and another with Norfolk Police Chief Bill Mizner. Both of Eric's full interviews can also be seen in my video below.

Thank you to Eric for allowing me to record and upload these interviews that he conducted. The audio/video quality is much better on NCN 35's of which can be viewed here: "Hundreds Show Support for Norfolk PD"

Local community events like this are springing up all over America in a direct response to the violence and hatred that is being directed at ALL of OUR police officers by a few disgruntled, bitter, entitled, and truly hateful individuals who feel inspired or duty-bound by some directive they seem to have received from "on high" (aka, "Obama") to act-out against those who keep law and order in our country.

I was present at this event tonight to draw a line in the sand - the line between those who hate others for doing good and those of US who disapprove of those who do bad.

I'll restate something I put in a blog post about this event last week:
When I've spoken with others who support police officers these few truths have become evident:
We recognize that all cops are not perfect.
We also recognize that neither are we.
We know that cops do the job they do because they want to help make our communities better for all residents.
Whether "their help" always turns out the best for US is NOT the fault of the officer.
It is ours.
If we speed, we expect a ticket.
If we attack a cop in any way or resist arrest in any way, we expect that cop to do what is necessary to protect his or her own life, including the use of deadly force against us.
If we shoot at a cop, we expect them to shoot back at us with an aim to kill.
We don't blame them for shooting back at us, even if they kill us, nor do we understand those who do blame them for doing so.
We understand that we all have a responsibility to live by the same set of laws as every other resident of our community.
We believe no one is above the law.
This includes police officers and elected officials...on every level.

Following the event last night, I had a great conversation with Chief Bill Mizner. I wish I would have recorded it but, because I didn't, nor did I ask him if I could relate our conversation to you, I will not do so. What I will say is that I'm glad that Norfolk has a police chief that understands ALL of the risks to this nation. As a conservative blogger, I can tell you that he's not missing a beat when it comes to understanding the ills that this nation faces.

Secondarily, and pleasantly surprising-to-me, when I arrived home (in another county), one of deputies from the county in which I live drove by and he stopped to "say hi" to it "good-timing" it "happenstance" (since I'd just come from an event to "thank police" - I got to "thank him", too)...we talked for several minutes. During our conversation he related to me an incident he recently had with a young male at a local convenience store who offered to "get all 'black lives matter'" on him.

I only tell you that, Norfolk, so that you don't continue to believe that "those problems" don't affect us here. They do. It's just that OUR officers haven't been pushed far enough to have to defend themselves with deadly force...yet. Thank GOD. I hope that they NEVER do! These problems, no matter how contrived and/or media-fed (or social-media-fed) these problems seem to be, they DO exist here. OUR officers, even in "our little town", are handling these incidents with much patience, tolerance, and're just not hearing about them.

Keep praying for OUR cops. They ALL need you to do so.


(I made this video.)

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Goforth, America (VIDEO)

I've been working on making this video since Friday evening. I figured I may as well make a quick blog post about it now that I FINALLY got it finished. One thing is CLEAR, I need a new computer.

Without a new PC, this video may mark the end of my video making. :\

Here's the description I put under this video on YouTube:

Scenes from the funeral of Harris County Texas Deputy Darren Goforth which was held at the Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX on Friday, September 4th, 2015. The clip of all the officers near the end of this video is a tribute to Deputy Goforth from the officers in Slidell, LA.

These senseless killings and assaults on OUR police officers has GOT to STOP. There are more of us that support our officers than there are of those who do not.

Cop haters won't be allowed to post comments on this video. Take your unfounded, nonsensical hatred elsewhere. I suggest Syria, Iraq, or Libya. Get your hateful, ungrateful asses out of America. You are not welcome here. Take Barack "The Great Racial Divider" Obama with you.

If you want cops to stop killing people, teach people to stop screwing with cops. Cops are trained to SURVIVE any altercation. I support 99.50% of all that cops do to assure their own safe return to their families at the end of each shift. If you love someone who regularly screws with cops, you should say your goodbyes now. EVERY cop's life is more important than ANY thug's life. Cops benefit society for all of us. Thugs ruin society for all of us.

If you want to survive an interaction with a cop, do what he or she tells you to do. It really is that damn simple.

Music & spoken word recording:
"God Bless America" - by Madison Rising
"Taps" - as performed at the funeral
"Amazing Grace" - as performed at the funeral (bagpipes)
"Policeman" - Narration by Paul Harvey
"The Star Spangled Banner" - by Madison Rising


The volume is very HIGH in this video. That was intentional on my part. :)

Please share this video. Share the "description" under the video with it, if you wish.

Join us on Tuesday night in thanking our local cops. Do it in your town - doesn't matter when - just do it. Organize it yourself if you have to. Local media will assist you in getting the word out.

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