Monday, February 8, 2016

When The Hunted (Sarah) Becomes The Hunter (Palin)

Yes. This was my license plate for the last 5 years.
I had to let it go on January 4th of this year.
Following Sarah's endorsement of  Trump
on January 19th, I'm no longer sorry that I did.

Since the day John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate in the 2008 presidential election, Sarah has been hunted. She has been hunted by the media. Hunted by many on the left, by some haters, and by some fans.

Those who love her and those who hate her can never seem to get enough of her.

I know her fans.
I know her supporters.
And, I know her haters.
I used to know which one I was. Today, I'm no longer sure.

I know I'm not a “hater.”
I've seen the way the worst of those cretins have treated Sarah and I'd never behave that way toward her.

I know I'm not a “fan.”
I never really was a “fan” in the first place. Her "fans" are the ones who fall inline with her every word. Those who do whatever she suggests that they do. They vote for whomever she endorses whether they're the best candidate or not, for “Sarah knows better than I” or, "Sarah's met them and I trust her judgement" - I've heard many of them say these exact things.

I guess I'm best described as a “supporter” of hers.
Although, following her endorsement of Trump, an endorsement that pisses directly all over ALL of the previous words spoken by Sarah Palin herself, I can no longer refer to myself as a “supporter.”

So, there is no "label" left for me other than "former supporter," I suppose. (I'll include a few details a little later in this post about my previous level of "support" for Sarah.)

What she's done with this one “rogue” move of hers (endorsing Trump) was damaging to the country and to the Conservative movement (aka, the "TEA Party") in this country. I think that Sarah's endorsement of Trump basically ERASED EVERYTHING that she had fought to accomplish over the past several years. I also think that Sarah fractured the Conservative base with her endorsement of Trump and she'll pay a heavy price for doing so. It will be a permanent penalty that she'll serve, too. Go read the comments on her Facebook posts from disappointed Conservatives. Her endorsement of Trump was on January 19th. Almost 3 weeks later, there is still a heavy stream of comments from people who can't believe that she endorsed Trump. Instead of the nasty screeching harpies from the left who like to get nasty and go ballistic on Sarah's Facebook posts, now there are Conservatives voicing their disapproval.....the majority of which are in a mostly decent tone, too. There are some nasty comments, as always, but the majority of them are not "nasty," they're from people who are HURT by what they perceive as her betrayal of the Conservative cause. As am I.

Donald Trump is not a Conservative. He doesn't even know what one is. (I know it's "not nice" to say that someone isn't a Conservative. Many people "got mad" when National Review did it. But, I thought Trump supporters didn't have any problem with people saying sh*t they're not supposed to say? Or is that only a one-way street? I know it's a one-way street for Trump, himself.)

From Saturday's GOP debate on ABC:
Moderator David Muir: Mr. Trump, you've heard the argument from many of the candidates on this stage that you're not a true conservative. Tell the voters watching tonight why you are.

TRUMP: Well, I think I am, and to me, I view the word conservative as a derivative I -- of -- of the word conserve. We want to conserve our money. We want to conserve our wealth. We want to conserve. We want to be smart. We want to be smart where we go, where we spend, how we spend. We want to conserve our country. We want to save our country. And we have people that have no idea how to do that and they are not doing it, and it's a very important word and it's something I believe in very, very strongly.

And, TRUMP is the one that made fun of one guy who actually knows what it is - Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska.

Instead of making fun of people like Senator Sasse, maybe Donald Trump should spend a little more time talking with them? After all, he's says that that is one of his special skills..."making deals" and "dealing with people." Where has he put that supposed tremendous skill on display for anyone to see? All we see him do is attack people (the list is too long to include) and USE he *USED veterans the night he didn't have the guts to answer questions from Megyn Kelly at the last FOX News debate.

*(And, DO NOT give me that bullsh*t about him having raised $6 million that night for veterans. Trump is a multi-billionaire. If he was so concerned for our veterans at any other time except when he could USE them to his advantage while he's running for president, why hasn't he demonstrated it with action in the past? Trump could have built and FULLY FUNDED a specialty/private hospital that serves only veterans. But, he hasn't. He hasn't been concerned for veterans. If he had, we'd ALL know all of his "generous acts" toward their causes in the past. It is phenomenal that $6 million was raised that night - but, you're kidding yourself if you beleive that he held that event for anyone but himself.)

Of course, there's also Trump's usage of Sarah from the day he met her. My, my, my how kind he can be when he wants something from someone or sees that they could be of some use to him...

Sarah's endorsement of Trump will forever be a stain on her legacy. And, for what? To prove a point? To prove that she would really back someone for president who wasn't already an elected politician? To back a billionaire, who is at best, a "New York Republican" (which is a Democrat), who has nothing to lose and everything to gain? (Even if he loses the election, HE still will gain personally from his participation in this election cycle.) To back a rude pig of a human being to lead the United States of America? Seriously, Sarah? You think a bully, like the one who accosted Bristol in that bar in California a few years ago, is the best that can be found in all of the United States of America to endorse for president!?!?! Really??? And, you're willingly hoping to inflict a jerk like him on the rest of us? Gee, thanks a whole bunch for that.

In my mind, her endorsement of Trump single-handedly placed her into the tiny little box that the left has always tried to carve-out for her.

Her endorsement of Trump wasn't gutsy. It was stupid.

It wasn't daring. It was safe. Backing the one who leads in the polling isn't's safe.
(Even though, as Sarah knows: "Polls are for strippers and cross-country skiers" - she coined that phrase. Too bad she can't share that little gem with Donnie. Maybe that would stop him from constantly quoting the results of the polls in which he's the leader?)

Maybe Sarah's sick and tired of always fighting the uphill battle? Maybe she decided to take the easy road this time? I don't pretend to know why she did what she did. I never have – and, believe me, PLENTY of her fans do EXACTLY that – they hang on her every word. They dissect her every move. They analyze why or when she does everything she does. The worst of the worst also deeply believe that their analysis is spot on and anyone that doubts them “isn't a real Sarah supporter” and must be a hater or "a liberal." These are people that completely dismiss others simply because they disagree with ONE THING that their hero Sarah Palin does.

Well, there's a thin line between love and hate and they're all going to hate me - not only for the things I've already said in this post - but, because I think that Sarah's endorsement of Trump is the WORST-EVER endorsement made by anyone ever in all of American political history.

I'm well aware that in the fan's context of “Palin world” it is 100% UNacceptable to voice an opinion or take a stance in opposition to that of Sarah (and in some cases, to that of anyone and everyone in her family). If you're not 100% FOR every single thing everyone in the entire Palin family does, and if you make the fatal error of mentioning that fact, you'll be ostracized from the clan. That's already been done to me. But, hey, since ***October 7th of 2011 I only put thousands of hours out of about the next 3 or so years of my life into busting my ass IN SUPPORT of Sarah Palin...all for zero money. So, it's only fair, right? Past deeds mean nothing...which is blatantly obvious if you call yourself a Conservative and you're supporting Trump.

***October 7th, 2011 was the day "Sarah Palin's Earthquake" was founded. I am one of the original founding members. On October 5th, 2011 Sarah Palin announced that she would not be running for president in 2012. On October 7th I started a Facebook group asking Governor Sarah Palin to please reconsider her decision to not run for president in 2012. Unbeknownst to me, at nearly the exact same time, another woman had also started a similar group on Facebook. When I saw that her group was growing at a quicker pace than mine, I shut my group down and asked those that were in my group to join her group. The founder of the other group and I have worked together ever since and we've become great friends throughout the process.

I made all but one of the 50+ videos for the group as well as about 20 or so other "pro-Palin" videos that are on my own YouTube channels. The last video I made for the group was about 9 months ago. Together, we've all been lied about, we've been mocked, and we've been harassed in various other Palin fans/supporters/bloggers and, of course, by the Palin haters. But, we always remained true to our mission and never let any of the lies or harassment derail us from a goal. There are many, many good people in that group who have put in 1000's of hours of their own time and their own treasure toward accomplishing the goals of the group.

I include this information here to let readers know that I'm not a "casual Palin supporter." I've actually spent a great deal of time basically studying Sarah's words over the past several years - which is sort of a by-product of editing videos - you get to know your subject extremely well...which is why her endorsement of Trump makes zero sense to me. Trump is just about the polar opposite of who I would expect her to endorse and have seen her endorse in the past. I know I'm not the only member of the group that is utterly dismayed at this endorsement. Many, many people are shocked...not just the few members of our group of which I'm aware, but other Conservatives who have also been great admirers of Sarah's for many years. I am not alone in the "horror" (for lack of a better word-?) I feel about her endorsement of Trump. I'm just probably the only one dumb enough to state it in such a public fashion. :) Que sera, sera.


Sarah is getting more detached from everything she's stood for in the past by the day. She's now buying into unbelievable claims like the TOTALLY FABRICATED "story" she shared in her latest Facebook post about Trump (see below) and lending credibility to the source by sharing their "story." (And, last week, she called Ted Cruz a part of the Establishment because he did the exact same thing she would have done in the exact same situation - shared with Iowa Caucusgoers the "breaking news" that Carson was quitting the race. Just like the Rubio and Trump camps did. They just weren't as organized about doing so as was the Cruz camp. They all fell for the same misinformation that was put out by CNN - which CNN is lying about ever having put out in the first place).

Seriously, I'm wondering what is wrong in Sarah's life - at least, it seems to me as there is something wrong. Her once-sound judgement appears to be mostly gone. In her Facebook post (below) she's passing along a story from "The Conservative Treehouse" (or "The Last Refuge" - whatever in the hell its name is) which appears to do NOTHING but shill for Trump and bash everyone who isn't Trump.

Posted on the website is a story (lie) based solely on the author's opinion about how "Trump is such a great man that he stopped and waited with Ben Carson when he got confused during the introductions at the ABC debate Saturday night" which Trump supporters are now passing off as FACT.

To know that is a lie, all you have to do is WATCH THE VIDEO:

Trump was JUST AS CONFUSED as Ben Carson was. You can tell by the dopey look on his smug face. Trump was trying hard to not look like a boob and he FAILED, miserably.

Now, Trump supporters are attempting to turn Trump into some kind of "hero" for what "sundance" at the Conservative Treehouse called "the remarkable character of Donald Trump" because the anonymous "sundance" believes that "Trump showed his leadership by standing right next to his friend, and not walking onto the stage." Give me a break!

The anonymous "sundance" goes on to say:
"People often mistake Donald Trump’s self-confidence for arrogance or even narcissism. But there is not a narcissist on the planet who would have put themselves into a position like that to assist a competing colleague."

Excellent point, "sundance." But, you left out 3 words at the end of your sentence:
"There is not a narcissist on the planet who would have put themselves into a position like that to assist a competing colleague, including Donald Trump."

That isn't what happened. Trump was confused. They couldn't hear. The world won't end over it. But, to attempt to create a story in which Trump is portrayed as the "hero" is just plain sad.

New Hampshire Debate Busts the Real TrumpNew Hampshire Voters: I'm glad you've gotten to know more of the real Donald...

Posted by Sarah Palin on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sarah Palin has said in the past that she has no respect for "anonymous" bloggers who write hit-pieces about others without any risk to their own reputation (because they're anonymous). And, here she is sharing an UNTRUE post from the anonymous "sundance" on the "let's shill for Trump" website "Conservative Treehouse." WTF?

Sarah is on the hunt...but for what, remains to be known. It's not Constitutional Conservatism...not with Trump at the helm. It's not "consistency of message"...not when she posts things like this on Facebook. I wish I knew. I do hope she is OK.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Jimmy Carter Endorses Donald Trump (VIDEO)

This is a 30-second Ted Cruz campaign ad.

Watch it. Listen to Carter's words.

Jimmy Carter would pick Trump over Cruz because Trump has no principles and Cruz does.

Jimmy knows Trump will sell-out because he has no deeply held beliefs and Cruz does.

Everything that Trump says he believes today, he believed the exact opposite of last decade, or last year, or last month, or this morning.

For Trump supporters:
Definition of "malleable" from Merriam-Webster's dictionary:
Simple definition: "capable of being easily changed or influenced"
Full definition: "a : capable of being altered or controlled by outside forces or influences
b : having a capacity for adaptive change"


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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reagan & Carter Skipped Debates In '80...But Not Because They Were Afraid To Face A Woman They'd Abused

Donald Trump says he won't attend tomorrow's FOX News GOP debate...because of a woman, Megyn Kelly. Trump has had a problem with Megyn Kelly since the first GOP debate in which she asked him a question he was unable to answer.

After giving a few examples of Trump's previous behavior toward women, Megyn asked:
Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president and how will you answer the charge from Hillary Clinton, who is likely to be the Democratic nominee, that you are part of the war on women?

Five months later, Trump has still not answered that question.

Now that Trump has said that he will not attend Thursday night's FOX News debate Trump supporters are scrambling to provide cover, excuses, and somehow rationalize Trump's decision.

One of their favorite lines in defense of Trump right now is:
"Ronald Reagan skipped a debate, and he won in a landslide!"

I guess the reason WHY Ronald Reagan skipped that debate is of no importance to those who don't seem to care too much about facts. For those of you who do, check out this article from I'll include a partial quote from their piece below (emphasis is mine):
More importantly, and this ought to be obvious, the context of Reagan's decision to skip the 1980 debate is different than the context of Trump's decision. Reagan was not in a petty feud with the Des Moines Register at the time. His campaign manager simply believed that as the frontrunner, Reagan was above the debate. Only five of the nine Republicans vying for the nomination participated in the debate. That debate was the first Republican primary debate since 1948. It was not planned to be a televised debate—that came later. And after Reagan's loss in Iowa, he pivoted, ignoring his campaign manager's advice and deciding not to skip future debates.

Read the rest from Reason HERE.

Jimmy Carter also skipped a debate in 1980. From CNN:

The news in 1980 was Carter not participating in the first general election debate because of the presence of Independent candidate John Anderson, and Reagan out-performing Carter in the second debate (in which Anderson did not participate). In this debate, when Carter accused Reagan of planning to cut Medicare, Reagan (who had complained Carter was mis-representing his stands on a number of issues) responded with the now-famous line: "There you go again." A question Reagan posed in his closing statement also is remembered: "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

So, see, Jimmy Carter stayed away because he was too busy holding his tail between his knees after Reagan demolished him in the previous debate with some of the most famous lines ever spoken in all of presidential debate history and because of the participation of Independent candidate John Anderson. It had zero to do with who would be posing the questions to him in the debate.

Trump's behavior is more akin to that of Jimmy Carter than it is to that of Reagan.

Trump is staying away from tomorrow's debate because of all of the undeserved abuse he heaped on Megyn Kelly after the 1st debate. Not because he's "above" anything or anyone. Trump is about as unprofessional as they come and there's no way in hell he'd be able to form a coherent sentence after receiving another question from Megyn Kelly. (Not that he can do so with any regularity anyway, but that is in even the best of circumstances.)

Trump HAS a serious problem with women. Just because he says he doesn't doesn't make it true. I've made two videos that include many of his asinine comments about two such women, Pamela Geller and Megyn Kelly.

Pamela Geller:

Megyn Kelly:

Trump also SAYS he's a "Conservative"...but, that doesn't make that true, either. Donald has said many things over the course of his life. He's been on both sides of nearly every issue imaginable. Of course, all that matters to Trump's supporters is what he's saying TODAY. God knows, that can easily change tomorrow...and, given time, it will.

Trump needs to answer Megyn's first question to him from that 1st debate. I'd still like to know how he's going to answer Hillary Clinton's charge that he's part of the war on women. I already know the answer to the 1st part of her question: He certainly does not have the temperament of a man we should elect as president.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trump Doesn't Want Scary Megyn Kelly Asking Him Tough Questions. Waaaaa!

Minons movie/Trump supporters circa 2016

This is freaking awesome.

(Um, Donald...I think it is YOU that has "the bias." But who on earth, besides me, would tell you that? LOL! Poor, Donnie. Bwa. Ha. Ha.)

Megyn Kelly is moderating the next debate on FOX News on January 28th (this Thursday).

To Trump and many of his supporters:
Kiss our collective ass.

Love, America's Conservatives

Trump can choose to not appear at this next debate.

To FOX News:
It would also be great if you got rid of about 3-4 of the other candidates that you'll have on the main stage. No one cares what the bottom-tier candidates (whom you'll include on the main debate stage) have to say. None of them are a factor now and they're not going to be a factor in this cycle (except as a drag on the rest of the field - ah, I see - the GOPe wants them to stay - got it)...and, damn THEM for NOT getting OUT of the race on their own.

Those of us who do not support Trump would LOVE it if he wouldn't appear in the next FOX News debate because we'd get to hear many more completed sentences throughout the night if he didn't.

If Trump could complete a sentence detailing ONE specific plan he has, should he choose to participate, it would be "tremendous."

If Trump could complete another sentence that would have ANY substantive political stances encapsulated within it, that would be "phenomenal."

However, I must say, the more details about all of the policies about which Trump can dictate NOTHING, the BETTER!!! (For the, the "Socialists," because that is what Bernie Sanders is......y'all keep thinking that Hillary will win. She's not even an itch on the ass of the democrat side of anything........Bernie Sanders is their boy.)

Bernie, the long-time SOCIALIST will SHRED the part-time/some-time/wishing-he-was-full-time "Conservative" Donald J. Trump.

When Donald tries to insult and demean this old, gray-haired self-avowed socialist, Trump is over. When Donald goes "full bully" on this feeble old can FORGET about the cross-over vote for Trump.

No one will follow that "loser," Trump who bullies old men.....or otherwise nice people.

I'll bet you never actually imagined a President Sanders, did you?

You may want to begin imagining it.

Hillary won't be the Democrat nominee.....if you put any stock in online polls (the Donald LIVES by them), that is (find Hillary's name on the poll from the Drudge Report that was taken last week - see pic).

If so many people on the right in America weren't so deceived by Trump, the rest of us may actually be able to hear some real plans that other presidential candidates have for the future of our country.

I'd BEG the people at FOX News to ELIMINATE TRUMP from the debates.....but, I'm not stupid. I know they'd never do such a thing. They don't care about your future. They don't care about mine. They're looking for ratings. And, YOUR "ratings master," Donald J. Trump, will appear. And, you'll watch. (And, you'll continue to bitch about the media that is giving your favorite billionaire all of their free air-time.) And, I'll watch (again). And, most of us will learn very little from the 6 or 7 candidates left on the stage. It's pathetic.

You Trump supporters have done this to the rest of us.

Get this carnival-barking, joke-of-a-candidate the HELL OUT of OUR DEBATES so WE can see what the hell is really going on!!! (Said the 1,000+ America-loving Muslims currently living in America.....or was that from the last 1,000+++++ born-in-American citizens who only wanted the best for their country?) (There must be at least 1,000+ of each, right?)

Uh...thank you very much...all you "faux-Conservatives" who proclaim to love America. You're going to be the death of all of us.....just because you are "tired of political correctness" (it's about time you joined the f_cking club - where the hell have you been?) and you want someone to "tell you like it is" (? - ha!).....never mind that that person has no actual plan of escaping that which is. You've just fallen in-line behind the loudest barker. Here he is. Here you are. And neither of you can tell us your plan... Fantastic.

Go, Trump. 2016. Take us straight to hell. That's where we deserve to go.

Maybe I should have ran? If you'll vote for Trump, you certainly would have voted for me: Bark!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hey, Trump! I'll Guess Megyn Kelly Has The Physical Evidence To Prove Your Lies...

Screen grab from Vanity Fair video.

February 2016 issue of Vanity Fair - cover story: "Blowhards, Beware: Megyn Kelly Will Slay You Now"

Donald Trump would be wise to not question the assertion by Megyn Kelly in the cover story of the February issue of Vanity Fair where she claimed the following (emphasis is mine):
In the past, she says, “he would send me press clippings about me that he would just sign ‘Donald Trump.’ And he called from time to time to compliment a segment. I didn’t know why he was doing that. And then when he announced that he was running for president, it became more clear. But I can’t be wooed. I was never going to love him, and I was never going to hate him.”

Of course, the obnoxious, crybaby, idiot-stick blowhard couldn't keep his fat fingers to himself and tweeted:

January 12, 2016 Vanity Fair online - Trump responds: "Donald Trump: 'Who the Hell Wants to Woo' Megyn Kelly?"

Well, "Donald J. Trump" (as he too often affectionately refers to himself), if Megyn Kelly is so "average," why the HELL are you spending so much of your time concerning yourself with her???

That's certainly not an attractive characteristic of any future (or current) Commander-In-Chief. That kind of behavior would be befitting of the Crybaby-In-Chief, however...which is apparently the office Trump is seeking to inhabit. Should Trump be elected president, heaven forbid, it will be difficult to tell when Obama exits the White House and Trump enters. One Crybaby-In-Chief in my lifetime (Obama) is plenty, thank you.

Um, I'll guess that Megyn still possesses the physical evidence (the press clippings Trump signed) to back-up what she stated in the Vanity Fair cover story. And, if Trump keeps up his childish attacks on her, I hope she produces it - soon. I think that the night of the next FOX News debate, in which she'll be a moderator on January 28th, would be a fine time to do so. (Although, I'm afraid that she's too much of a professional to do so in that setting.) It would be quite fun watching all of the Trump apologists falling all over Trump and each other to insult Megyn as much as they can in the days and weeks following such an incident. Some of Trump's supporters behave as if he will send them $1,000,000.00 for each insult they dish out. And, as every good Trump supporter knows, everyone loves a bully.

I did mention that the next FOX News debate is on January 28th.

The Iowa Caucuses are on February 1st.

There's no way in hell Trump will be finished with his 3rd round of attacks on Megyn by then.

(Or, Trump will do a "180" and will be kissing Megyn's butt after the next debate and be calling her "fair" and/or "wooable," even though he "never changes his positions." Just watch...)

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